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THEN-HST High beam dyeing machine

♦The high temperature piece dyeing machine HST is an economical dyeing installation with universal application range for standard articles in big yardages. Its well thought-out and worldwide proven construction offers the best conditions for an efficient and impeccable bleaching and dyeing of woven and kniabrics in open width.

♦The HST machine can be supplied alternatively with an axial-inversion pump for knit fabrics and permeable wovenfabeics or with a centrifugal pump for densely woven fabrics.

♦By means of a regulating device,the dye bath pressure and quantity can be adjusted to the respective type and quantity of fabric.A second dye bath circuit is leading tothe expansion and preparation tank via a pressure pump with preconnected recooler and sight glass.The pressure pump generates the static pressure which,can be regulated comtinuosly and remains constant during the whole treatment time indenendently of the temperature. Redyes can be supplied to the machine anytime with the pressure pump.The special arrangement of the pressure pump circuit ensures a continuous and safe aeration of the machine.
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