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HD-B Spray Hank Yarn Dyeing Machine

Characteristics :
1:Most suitable for process hank naked silk, single-spun yarn, spun rayon, mercerized yarn, spun silk yarn, real silk,cashmere such as bleaching, boiling, dyeing, rinsing, after -treatment.
2: Specially designed low energy consumption, low lift, but high flow rate mixed flow pu -mp offers even dyeing without spots or lousiness. The features will not be changed wh -en at high temperature.
3:New module flow spray pipe can concentrate dye liquor at the top. Thus the yarn will absorb the dyestuff to full for 100% even dyeing result. The friction between the yarns after floating and the pipes is very small to avoid the damage to the surface of the yarns.
4:The new spraying pipe,dyeing pipe and the yarn rotating pipe are integrated into an organic whole, thus prevent the dyed yarn from inter winding or knotting.The yarn after dyeing can be easily unloaded for low loss.
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